That's Right... $25 Dollars!

$25 Dollars, Well That Is Just Crazy!
I can and will work for you for $25.00 design anything [excluding ebook cover], but outside of that pretty much anything... think of the possibilities. Your own personal designer for a about 2 hours... make me work for you, design: photo retouch, photo restoration, blog builder, blog headers, web banners, book posters, t-shirt, design zombie maker, retro-digital painter, slogans, etc. 

You all know I am ready to serve you, you have seen my work and if you haven't then you wouldn't be here. Make your list, think about what you want to design and send me that list and I will get started right away. If you dream it, we together can build it... so get on board and get your projects started today... today. My calendar is filling up quickly I am ready to serve you!

Tell yourself, talk to your neighbors, scream it from the rooftops and get in touch with me today!


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Bridgett said...

Hello again,

It's me bridgett. I am looking at all your artwork for my book/ebook. anyway, please follow me and add commentary plz.

I want something is comicbook-esque with a macabre overtone. I guess I can explain more later.

follow, comment, share etc.... many thanks