Each project is subjected to evaluation, but I am affordable and will step outside the box to make your project stand out above the rest.  Each eBook and published book comes with different specifications, and if you can provide me with those it make the project go smoother. I will design a 6x9 (432x648p) book cover at 300dpi for the main art, which at the end you receive it @ 6x9 (432x648p) cover book at 72dpi.  If need additional sizes, variations, spines or back covers... it will all be discussed in the beginning.

Time frame varies from 1 day to 1 month depending on your needs and of course to the scheduled work I may be currently working on. I will give you a draft with the information that you provide to a "first look" at the project to get your input, we all want to be on the same page.

I want to work with you, and value your thoughts, because this is your project I am just helping bring it to life. It's all about selling your project, and the best start is looking at the cover... so stand above the crowd.

Contact Me, we can go over your dream and build it!