That's Right... $25 Dollars!

$25 Dollars, Well That Is Just Crazy!
I can and will work for you for $25.00 design anything [excluding ebook cover], but outside of that pretty much anything... think of the possibilities. Your own personal designer for a about 2 hours... make me work for you, design: photo retouch, photo restoration, blog builder, blog headers, web banners, book posters, t-shirt, design zombie maker, retro-digital painter, slogans, etc. 

You all know I am ready to serve you, you have seen my work and if you haven't then you wouldn't be here. Make your list, think about what you want to design and send me that list and I will get started right away. If you dream it, we together can build it... so get on board and get your projects started today... today. My calendar is filling up quickly I am ready to serve you!

Tell yourself, talk to your neighbors, scream it from the rooftops and get in touch with me today!


The Blanks...

Yes, one of the cooler things I got to work on was with the band "The Blanks", I got the great opportunity to design their CD cover and a couple of t-shirts [not all available, yet] with the hopes of working with them again soon. You might be asking yourself "Who are The Blanks"... you should know as they have been featured on the show "Scrubs" and more recent "Cougar Town". Here is a link to my interview with them [CLICK HERE], to shed some better light on them.

Badges For Some Cool Things and Events

These are few for the ladies that I had done for some up coming projects and blog-fest they were having... You see them, now go there and enjoy these sites.
Thank you!

A to Z Challenge April [2012]

Now you may not know, but I have been part of the "A to Z Challenge April [2012]" this year... I have been designing Banners/Badges for the participants to use on their site. Here are a couple of those items here, though I want you all to go and check out the rest.

Alex J. Cavanaugh...

Another great friend Alex @ Alex J. Cavanaugh had a book release this month and I made him a couple of banners/badges.
Thank you!

The Warrior Muse...

Shannon @ The Warrior Muse really hit this one well, as I helped her make this header step off her site.
Thank you!

Coming Down the Mountain: A Writer's Blog

I have had a great couple of jobs like this one for Karen @ Coming Down the Mountain: A Writer's Blog and her new header design.
Thank you!

Tossing It Out...

My good friend Lee @ Tossing It Out asked me to make a new header for his place, how could I resist.. the theme is just plain fun.
Thank you!

Life is Good...

I was contracted by Tina @ Life is Good to redesign her site the way she wanted, so I did...

Here is a few of the things we came up with and I encourage you to stop over to her place...
Thank you!

Something I Shot...

Out in a cornfield I found myself in a photographic situation, a trunk full of props and a model in need of a updated portfolio. So with cowboy hat, goggles, combat boots and A Nightmare Before Christmas T-shirt. I love how these came out and the patience that she had to endure my really attempt at being a photographer.

Tommy Fodwooger's Sleuth Club - Murray Anderson

Tommy Fodwooger's Sleuth Club
"The Case Of the Horseradish Chocolate"
by: Murray Anderson
Three eighth graders, Tommy Fodwooger and his two best friends Samantha and Ryan work together to solve a mystery at Ryan's parents business, Rich Chocolates. Someone has been putting horseradish in chocolates at the factory. Rich's dad lets the young sleuths help and you follow their adventures to catch the culprit in this funny, action novel. 

Blogger Zombie Walk Is Coming!

I was contracted by Sharon @ Ghost Hunting Theories to make this years "Blogger Zombie Walk" she wanted something new and eye grabbing. If you would like to be part of the fun please click on link or banner below, thanks Sharon had fun and I look forward to being part of the zombie walk. Here is the final and samples:

Wow I Am Really Behind...

Dead And Buried: In The Southwest Desert
I have been working with the winner of the "eBook Cover Contest" Julie (Adsila) from Above the Norm and we designed a few different book covers for her upcoming book "Dead And Buried: In The Southwest Desert". I am going to show some of the covers we came up with, and decided to go another direction. You can go to her site and see which one Julie went with, I am happy with her choice.

More Samples Coming...

Great things have been happening, been working on some huge projects...

Write, Hear!

Have You Followed The Path?
Welcome to my "eBook Art & Designs" by: JMH Digital  website and you might only be coming here for the chance to win a "$175.00 Valued" designed eBook from me. You might want to know more about what I can do for you and your projects, well walk around and see. If you have any questions please ask, and thank you for stopping by.

Jeremy H.

The Way To Win:
- Emailed Responses Only
  [I will randomly pick three names, from the emails].
- Email must be: RE: eBook for the Win!
- Become a Follower.
- Re-post something about this on your blog/website.
- Let me know you have done all these things, comments here.
- Ends March 15th 2011 [Winners will be notified by email].

If you don't win, please follow... more free things are coming!

New Customers - Discounts [Very Limited Time]

Greetings and welcome to "New Customers Price Cut", yes as you can imagine I am trying to get new business not there is anything wrong with the previous business. I would like to bring more of you here and start getting what you want out of your project, and a better price.

Right Now $75.00 off eBook Cover making it start at $100.00
All other services are 50% off

Contact Me Today... What have you got to gain, quality design and customer appreciated is only a email away... 

Prices [Updated]

I want you all to know I have looked online at several website to insure you that, I am coming less and offer more than some of the eBook designers. I want to work with you and make your project(s) unique with making a statement, also make more book sales.

They say you cannot judge a book by it's cover, but they have to be drawn in somehow! Let us work together on making your vision a reality...


Holly's Horrorland - Alice In Wonderland Theme...

I wanted to let you know, I entered a contest to design a new icon for Holly @ "Holly's Horrorland" and I won and here is the winner and others. Now the question is which one of these designs won, well you are going to have to stop over and see.

Memoirs of Blue - Mock Cover

I have realized I had written many short stories in my time, this book the stories range from 3 to 5 pages and all in all are somewhat connected.  Hovering around the idea of aliens, love and the occasional ghost I liked to call this book "Memoirs of Blue", which used to be called "Copper's Field".

Chatterbox - Mock Cover

Here is a book I call "Chatterbox" a series of short stories, that once was quoted as "a roller coaster ride" by the Reggie Bannister [Phantasm Fame]. I have rethought of a release and with the eBook crazy it actually might get read someday.

So I was Thinking...

I am in the process of designing my own eBook and thought to share my mock book covers, for the future release of "Fragments of a MADMAN". This will be a short story and thoughts that I had come up with over the last ten years, I have combined every complete story into one. My plan is to see the length of it all, and see if it is worthy of finishing. So for now let me show you the ideas and hopes you would like to hire me to make your eBook or published book come alive...